Why Stunning Images Are a Must for Your Online Ads

Online Ads in SydneyDigital ads proved to be an effective means of attracting users to buy your products or get your services. Results are even better for ads with stunning images.

Most people admit that they click on an ad because they are drawn to the stunning graphics. In fact, many of them say that they sometimes fail to see the text it contains when they click on it. Not that the texts are unimportant; they also play a vital role. But the point is images are the first to capture the attention of a user. Ever wonder why?

A Thousand Words

A picture speaks a thousand words. It delivers the entire message to the user with greater efficacy than putting down a sentence. It tells the viewer what it is about and that person would immediately understand the message.

The Proof

While a catchy phrase may have its own unique value, people still associate it with a picture. Want proof? Think of the phrase “Find your greatness” and see what comes to mind. Is it the phrase or an image of a plump fellow running along a lonely road with a swoosh sign on his shirt? According to Forbes, the image resonates more with users because it is able to communicate how the product can make the lives of consumers better.

It grabs attention

Let’s say a customer was browsing a news website in a coffee shop somewhere in downtown Sydney when the stunning image of a mouth-watering sandwich caught his attention. Instead of reading the news, he found himself clicking on the sandwich ad created by a graphic design studio in the area.

It conveys your message quicker than text

Research shows your brain can process an image 60,000 times faster than it would with text. In the case of digital ads, it should not just be any random image. This image should be able to effectively “talk” to your target audience.

If you are serious about your online advertisements, you might want to consider trying it out with stunning graphics and images. Get help from experienced graphic designers to ensure the best possible results.