Why Do Aspirational Marketing?

Marketing Boost for your Business in BrisbaneLeading brands in the 90s used inspiration to lure potential customers into buying their products or using their services. Michael Jordan inspired young potential athletes with his message of becoming a champion like him by wearing his shoes or drinking Gatorade as exemplified by the tagline ‘be like Mike’. However, it is impossible to attain His Airness’ achievements on the court. Marketers are now using aspiration instead of inspiration to boost sales and improve brand loyalty.

Realizing Dreams

When someone aspires to become who they want to be, they will spend time, effort and money to realise that aspiration. Brands can do help someone achieve their goals through the services or products they offer, whether these are apparel or food. When you touch human emotion like perseverance, determination and happiness, you will hook and reel them into consuming your brand.

Wheaties is a brand that has used inspirational marketing before, but after realising the inspiration-fatigue, they shifted to a more relatable approach. Instead of using the usual big name athlete endorsers, they shifted to lesser-known athletes in niche sports. The stories from the latter are more achievable compared to superstars like Michael Jordan. This conveys a message of aspiration to young kids dreaming to be something bigger than they are.

Relatable Content

Bambrick Media and other search engine marketing companies in Brisbane note that you can use aspirational advertising to the content you produce. If your company lacks the budget to lure big name endorsers, ground the content you publish by using actual people who use your products or services to achieve their dreams. Videos on how your product changed their lives for the better will send a powerful emotional message that enables viewers to soldier on and aim to achieve all their goals.

Customising your content, whether visuals or written, to send a message of aspiration goes a long way into turning one-time customers into loyal consumers.