What You Didn’t Know About ACs: Causes of Premature Failure

air conditionAir conditioners are expensive, but they are worth the investment, since they bring great comfort to users, and are designed to serve you for a long time.

However, there are some cases wherein their life span can be cut short and you need airconditioning repairs, especially when it involves the following:

User Error

The most common cause of earlier-than-indicated air conditioner failure is incorrect operation by its users. A good example of this is turning on the unit and letting it run with the doors and windows open. Another is setting the thermostat too low and leaving it like that for long periods of time. Lack of maintenance is also a big mistake that can end the life of a cooling system earlier than expected.

Faulty Installation

An air conditioner that was incorrectly installed can lead to leaks in the ducts and restriction in its airflow. Both issues force the cooling unit to work harder, stressing it more than necessary. Unnecessary stress can quickly take half of your AC’s life away, so it is important to make sure the unit has been set up properly, as early into its service as possible.

Unqualified or Inexperienced Contractors

Improper air conditioner installation is often the work of unqualified or inexperienced contractors. While this is not always the case, you should still take the time to make certain you work with someone you can trust to deliver exceptional service.

You can expect to pay slightly higher, but it is still a worthy investment, seeing that it is far cheaper than having to replace an entire cooling system for premature failure.

Delays in Repair

Whatever problem you experience with your air conditioner, it should be repaired without delays. While the unit may still work despite the existing issue, it just puts more stress on it, further shortening its life span.

So once you notice a problem with the system, seek the help of a reliable contractor offering air conditioning repairs as soon as you can.