What Businesses can Do to Optimise their Local SEO this 2016

SEO in BrisbaneIf your business relies on local customers, you should be doing all that you can to optimise your local SEO this 2016. In a nutshell, local SEO is a subclass of SEO that aids individuals in your immediate area find your business on search engines. Optimising your local SEO is crucial since B2C and B2B consumers rely on the Internet for obtaining the information they require to make more informed buying decisions. So what should a small to medium sized business do to optimise their local SEO this 2016?

First, Ensure that Your Direct Data is On Point.

Direct data is basically pieces of granular information that show up along business listings in search results. For instance, if a person searches for cafes near him, every result will come with contact details, location, prices, menu, as well as other information customers want to know before checking out the café. These pertinent details enhance visibility in SERPs and that is vital for both franchise and single location SEO.

Then, Make Certain that Your Website is Mobile-Friendly.

Take note that having a mobile-friendly site is a necessity and not merely an option because mobile search has now exceeded laptop and desktop searches all around the world. In fact, according to Google, the mobile-friendliness of a website is a critical Google rank factor. Providing consumers with an exceptional mobile site experience could translate to increased conversions and therefore, profit.

Next, Call on Voice Search.

More people are utilising voice search on their smartphones for locating services, products, and businesses they require. Some even use it for multitasking, and plenty of people simply find it easier and faster to speak to their smartphones that typing what they need to do. Nevertheless, this growing voice search trend means that you have to optimise your site to appeal to this growing customer base, suggests an SEO expert in Brisbane. For starters, start making your keywords optimised for voice searches.

And Lastly, Give Your Customers the Best Customer Experience Ever.

The decisions to purchase or not to purchase all boils down to the complete customer experience — from clicking to closing. Although you can’t really control the words and actions of your salespeople on the floor, you could control the customer experience you deliver to old and new customers through your site. The takeaway? The online marketing presence of your business must be consistent, concise, and ultimately better than your competitors in order to effectively capitalise on local SEO.