Wedding Entertainment 101: Bond with a Band or Delight in a DJ?

Wedding EntertainmentIn the popular situational comedy show How I Met Your Mother, protagonist Ted Mosby faced three serious dilemmas when he realised Barney and Robin were getting married: 1) he was still in love with Robin 2) Robin made him the wedding organiser and 3) he thinks a DJ is better than a band, but his friend Lily insists otherwise.

Ted believes that a DJ is better. Why settle for a ‘boring’ band when you can have Beyonce and The Beatles all at once with a DJ? Lily, on the other hand, insists that live bands are traditional wedding must-haves.

Their argument represents an age-old dilemma: should you get a band or a DJ? Which form of entertainment makes more sense?

The DJ Delight

If you wish to hire a DJ for your Manchester wedding, you are not alone. A number of couples want that hyped-up after-party that follows after the ceremony.

Compared to band selection, choosing a DJ is simpler. The right candidate should come with the right equipment, as well as an album selection that meets your standards. No need to visit one band after another; all you have to do is watch videos of their performances at past weddings.

A DJ’s playlist combines the couple’s preferred music and the DJ’s response to the room’s mood. Their expertise provides good insight into the crowd’s excitement. While they can play your favourite songs, trust the DJ to play the disc their way, too. You would not want to ruin the excitement they built.

Bring in the Band

When you choose a band, you benefit from the dynamics of a live performance. Apart from the distinct and traditional feel, bands also set the tone of your reception — from surf band funkiness to a glamorous and formal atmosphere. Looking for the perfect one, however, is a serious endeavour. Your musical selection should fit the band’s style.

To find the right one, ask friends and wedding experts for advice. Once you meet prospects, a detailed discussion about the band’s style and yours should follow. This determines whether or not they suit your needs perfectly.

Everyone has their own Ted-Lily dilemma of Band Vs. DJ. But ultimately, it all boils down to what the couple wants and feels appropriate for their special day. As long as there is music, that is what matters the most.