Types of Defense Measures Against GPS Jamming

a guy checking the GPSThe global positioning system (GPS) is fast becoming a must-have for providing precise information on location. Among the most significant threats to this technology is jamming. This refers to an act which intentionally disrupts or reroutes GPS transmission.

There are, however, various devices available to help you counter this danger. Jamming simulators emulate your environment and its threats to assess the efficiency of your equipment before use.

Here are some defenses these devices can help you achieve.

Individual Situation Awareness

One weakness of GPS receivers is the failure to perform basic checks of all devices within their locality. This puts you at risk should your device connect to a jammer. A simple signal check is capable of alerting you to the presence of interference or jamming.

Individual situation awareness uses simple algorithms to measure and report a jammer’s type, pulse characteristics, and power in milliseconds, hence protecting you from receiver jamming.

Global Situation Awareness

This defense works in much the same way as individual situation awareness. It, however, overcomes the challenge of the latter in discerning a jammer’s location. Global situation awareness uses reports from multiple receivers to characterize any GPS disruptions and find the jammer.

This defense is, however, mostly used by governments to find jamming offenders since obtaining coverage over extensive areas might be costly for individuals.

Electronic Countermeasures

Most GPS jammers use a swept FM waveform, which is typically ground-based. Fixed installations can counter these jammers by use of antennas and other electronic devices with low horizon gain.

Though not so practical for civilians, electronic countermeasures are very effective in military defense as you can tailor them for jamming threats in the specific operation area.

Even a seemingly minor disruption in GPS transmission can have significant consequences. Ships and aircraft can veer off course and shipments can be lost. It is essential to get devices to combat GPS jamming and enhance your safety and that of your products and passengers.