Travel Secrets for UK Tourists

Tourist Spot in EnglandTraveling to England may make you think of rolling hills, Big Ben and Mr. Darcy, but the locals have their share of secrets that they clearly don’t want outsiders to know.

Sometimes, they just want to see tourists muck it up.

Luckily, UK Prepaid Sim Card has put together some of the most important things for UK tourists to know. Make sure you keep each of these in mind:

1. Don't stay in London.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do — or in this case, as the tonne do. London is horrendously expensive. The old English nobility only goes there during a certain season and retire to the country for the rest of the year. Why should you follow? It’s less expensive to stay in the city, for one, and there are better views at the countryside.

2. Bed and breakfasts aren’t hotels.

Don’t expect room service when you check into quaint bed and breakfast places—these are usually locals renting out rooms in their house for tourists—the original Airbnb! Treat the owners kindly and you may see yourself getting more pillows, blankets and extra helpings of lunch and dinner.

3. Rent a car

If you think American road trips are epic, you haven’t been to the cool British countryside. Ask the locals for the town curiosities and don’t forget to join them in the evening at the pubs for more insider tourist information.

4. The food can be a little weird

You can expect your toast to be cold and bacon less than crisp. Eggs, on the other hand, are the ones that are cooked to crispy. They do have cereal — but be ready to be served baked beans, mushrooms, and even tomatoes.

5. Bring traveler’s checks in pounds sterling.

ATM machines and credit card terminals aren’t the norm at all. You may find yourself strapped for cash in the bed and breakfast or even at a local restaurant.

But more than all the tips we’ve discussed, it’s important that aside from the fact that you need to buy a SIM card, you have to keep an open mind. The British are at the same time more reserved and different — and you’ll enjoy yourself more if you embrace them.