Time Travel with a Remote: Is it Possible?

Remote Control in MerlinThe 2006 American film, Click, has Adam Sandler figuring in the lead role. In the film, Sandler is Michael Newman, a hardworking architect who wants to give his family a comfortable life, but is a pushover when it comes to his boss.

Time Travel in Click

The plot of the film revolves around how Michael’s life becomes better as he travels through time and his dreams become reality. It is with the help of a blue universal remote control that looks like a remote control from Merlin that he can go back in the past, lower the volume of life’s sounds, freeze frames and fast forward.

He had first got hold of the remote from Morty, a scientist and a salesman at a retail store. He warned Michael that the universal remote control was free, but it can be returned. Whenever Michael presses the fast forward button to skip the hard work and dull moments in his life, he is leaving his body on ‘auto-pilot’. Being in this mode, Michael’s mind is absent and his emotions are blank, but his body goes on functioning every day. Eventually, the remote adapts to his preferences and automatically transports him to the future, bit by bit. Years pass by and the remote, as Michael realizes, is indestructible.

The film ends on a happy note, with Michael coming to the realization that family should always come first. With regards to time travel, remotes aren’t that far removed from the concept, albeit in a different way.

Remotes Viewing as a Device for Time Travel

Time travel, as time-travelers.org explains, is possible because of time’s nature and our omnipresence. The site suggests that there is a single universal consciousness that manifests in each and every individual. The way we experience time is what allows us to say we are separate from one another.

The site explains how remote viewing is the ability to break through and enter the illusion of time. Unlike in the movie, Click, where there is a physical remote control, ‘remote viewing’ refers to clairvoyance or the turning of the body into a remote itself. Some experts on time traveling claim that it is possible to jump through time frames by thoroughly practicing ‘remote viewing’.