There’s Only One Trend in The Development of Security Technology

Security TechnologyVisionaries of decades past went great lengths to imagine what life would be like in the future, and in some respects we are doing the same thing today. But, it’s virtually impossible to foresee the direction technology will go. Anyone who wants to disagree can just look at the state of modern security systems, and see how it’s gone in a completely opposite direction.

Generation Security Gap

If you asked a person from 1950 and modern homeowner what they considered secure, chances are they will get answers reflecting that they were thinking about two totally different things. The man from the past will probably prefer multiple locks at every entry point, a tall hardwood fence, and even a large dog for good measure. Meanwhile, a contemporary millennial would most likely get a wireless home security system from, and get everything done in one installation.

Is this confirmation that our generation is softer than our forebears who were more grounded because they went through “tougher” times? Of course not, it means we’re smarter because we didn’t waste time investing in security redundancies that a thief with a toolbox can easily bypass.

Constant Turning Points

The point is, the development of technology doesn’t have any reliable trends, as everything can turn upside-down at a moment’s notice. The idea of relying on a small control box for your family’s protection sounds downright idiotic for anyone who’s never seen a security system before. But, it’s now considered the most reliable way to ensure the safety of life and property.

This isn’t the end, though, as engineers are still looking for ways to plug up any gaps in the current technology that would make it vulnerable to infiltration. Countless heist movies have shown that there’s always going to be some way to beat the system. The goal is to find those holes first and find ways to block them without compromising everything else.

Who knows? Perhaps while looking for the answers to the problems we have now, developers will come up with a completely new way for us to protect ourselves. It’s probably drones.