The Three Social Media Management Blunders to Avoid

Social Media Marketing in BrisbaneSocial media marketing is an important part of a digital marketing strategy. The figures alone suggest that 74 per cent of adults use social networking sites, which makes it a large market. This is how digital marketing works – through the use of the internet and its platforms.

Why Social Media Management Matters

Social media networking presents an opportunity for engagement and interaction with an audience. Its main benefits include the potential for conversion and lead generation. Digital marketers and experts understand how significant this is – there are facets to social media marketing.

As an example, Bambrick Media discusses search engine optimisation (SEO) in Brisbane and how it works as a lead generation tool. Today, consumers use Google whenever they have a purchasing decision to make. From the product itself to reviews, people want to assure themselves before they pay for anything. This is where social media marketing and SEO come together; they strategically provide the audience with the information that they need.

Consumer experience dictates that finding bad reviews online, especially on social media, is enough to discourage a purchase. This can quickly lead to the deterioration of a brand. This is why it is significant that a business is aware of the possible mistakes they are committing in their social media marketing strategies.

The Social Media Management Mistakes to Avoid

If you have no experience in social media management, you are prone to making the common mistakes that can hurt your campaign. Here are three basic social media management blunders to avoid:

  1. Creating content without any strategy behind the posts will backfire. Using Twitter allows around 10 posts without being ‘spammy’, whilst in using Facebook and Instagram, it is better to post twice. Also, use a schedule for uploading content. 9 AM to 9 PM is a good time slot.
  2. Paying for fake followers is counterproductive as it won’t create any real engagement.
  3. Focusing on the brand instead of generating a personal approach in content will result in less engagement. Social media users shun blatant advertisements and relate better to interesting conversations.

To keep your audience coming back, place yourself in their position as consumers. What would you be looking for in a brand’s social media accounts?