The Strengths of VSAT Systems and What Makes Them Investment-Worthy

Satellite dish on-groundAccess to rural and even remote locations has always been the biggest strength of satellite networks. Much thanks to this impressive attribute, consumers, businesses and industries located in areas that have zero to limited connectivity can remain connected to any other point in the world.

However, this is not the only reason Very Small Aperture Terminal or VSAT systems continue to rise in popularity. While the term “satellite” may seem dated to you, the technology that powers these systems persistently undergoes improvements and innovations, resulting in even better features and functionality. Here are just a few of them:

Internet access

A major connectivity concern consumers in the non-metro areas report is very limited to no access at all to the Internet. While some rural areas can get Internet service, they have to pay the price – and quite exorbitant it is. Satellite technology provides a solution to this problem, thanks to the great terrestrial coverage it provides.

Quick and easy deployment

Once setup of the satellite in its orbit is completed, deployment at the installation location can take place within just a few hours, as long as there is available equipment. Because setup does not require in-depth and comprehensive knowledge and technical expertise, even the average customers with little tech background can set up the equipment themselves. Regardless of the exact location, as long as the satellite in its orbit covers the area, one can carry out the deployment.

VPN functionality

Satellites also have the advantage of supporting data encryption during the transmission from one site to another – even to several other locations. This then allows for the creation of Virtual Private Networks, which is one of the main reasons corporations, governments, and even national defence departments use it for their operations.

VSAT systems, or satellite technology in general, provide many other benefits aside from those mentioned above. Thanks to these, consumers and users anywhere in the globe can remain connected at all times.