The Latest Video Surveillance Trends You Should Not Miss

Video Surveillance in NJTo be productive, every company must ensure that is has adequate security. Rampant cases of terrorism, crimes, and cybercrime are on the rise. Safety concerns have made the demand for effective monitoring and surveillance to experience an upward spiral. Most organizations now have video monitoring systems in their premises. In addition to this, some firms have access control systems, higher resolution cameras, and cloud technology.

The video surveillance industry is experiencing an influx of technology. Today, high-resolution IP cameras, better video compressions are now available. Most organizations carry out twenty-four-hour surveillance. The extensive data collected creates a need for better compression rates. gives some of the latest trends in video surveillance in NJ.

1.    Facial recognition resolution advanced by megapixel resolution cameras

It is now possible to capture someone’s face with higher resolution while other details remain in a low resolution. This technology saves on storage space.

2.    Advanced cloud-based storage capabilities

Cloud-based surveillance has been available for some time now. But in 2016 and beyond, it will offer better storage. Organizations will be able to save on costs and waste due to the easier integration of monitoring systems.

3.    Advanced video analytics software

Video analytics will become vital in organizational performance. Cameras will run analytics software and compile data. The data will be analyzed to access security risks. Manpower planning will be adequately planned for using this technology.

4.    Camera capabilities

Video surveillance will be carried out by omnidirectional cameras. More 360 degrees and 180 degrees cameras will be installed. The price tag on 360-degree cameras will become more affordable.

Investment in the latest video surveillance in NJ is not just for organizations. Homes, the government, and the public transport sector have invested in video surveillance. The public transport sector, in particular, has collected valuable information using video surveillance systems.

The video surveillance industry is fast evolving. Manufacturers are always working to develop advanced technology in a rapidly changing environment. The competition regarding benefits to the end user will be immeasurable as it offers more options to consumer needs.