The Evolution of the Internet: From HTML to Social Media

lady doing seoSince its introduction, the Internet has become the most powerful tool of communication the world has ever seen. Starting with just a few HTML lines of codes, web design has evolved with the introduction of CSS and JavaScript.

Dynamic and Interactive

HTML and CSS define the content and layout of each webpage, respectively. These set of codes build the foundation of the webpage’s aesthetic. Depending on the programmer’s imagination, web pages become interactive using JavaScript.

This is why you must subject JavaScript codes to unit and performance test to ensure they are working properly.

The Rise of Internet

With the Internet catching the interest of businesses, it created a new bridge with potential customers and consumers. Businesses started to do online marketing and selling. Thus, companies like Amazon and eBay was born into what now became known as E-commerce.

Search engine companies like Yahoo, MSN, and Google gave birth to the most powerful tool in searching information over the Internet.

The Birth of Social Media

With the world now interconnected, people found ways to connect with relatives and friends across the globe, thus the birth of social media. From its old IRC form, it gave birth to new and more interactive GUI interface and platforms such as Friendster, Myspace, and LinkedIn.

By actively answering the clamor of its users, Facebook emerged as the most popular social media since its inception, followed by Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter.

Going Mobile

A powerful tool as it is, the emergence of mobile devices bring people even closer together with more and more instant messaging platforms being developed. As the leading social media platform, Facebook has set the precedence of staying connected with apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Going back just over two decades ago, Internet has undoubtedly evolved. From just simple HTML codes, it has become an avenue to bring people closer. Who knows what the Internet of tomorrow would bring.