Technology and Dating in the 21st Century: Relationship Help from Our AI Overlords

man chatting on online dating appThe hardest part of dating is taking that first awkward step. Finding someone compatible with you and vice versa could be a hit-and-miss, but you can now rely on technology to make things a bit easier in your search for the one.

One of 15 million

If you think you are alone in your dating problems, you are not. More than 15 million Americans went on their first date with the help of an app for matchmaking or an online dating site. If you count everyone who has ever used this kind of technology, the numbers swell to almost 50 million. If you have not gone out on a date before, maybe it is time to get a little help from the tech.

Personalities, Complex Logarithms, and Our AI Overlords

Matchmaking apps are getting smarter and produce complex algorithms in their matchmaking protocols. These apps maximize your chances of finding a compatible person according to your input. Some matchmaking apps provide direct avenues for you to make contact with a compatible match and have actual conversations. They give you a bit of control and let you break the ice even before going on that first date.

Of course, these apps are far from perfect and there will be some disappointing matches mixed in with the successes. When the AI reaches the point of getting 100 percent success rates then that is probably the time they start taking over the world.

Work on Your Own Profile

Make yourself more interesting by starting a hobby, learning something new, or participating in interesting activities. Traveling to far-flung places and trying out new things makes you a more interesting person and works wonders for your self-esteem. Look for someone you like, but more importantly, make yourself more interesting and likable to your potential partner.

Technology opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to dating. It can bridge the gap between you and a potential partner, but you have to be open and willing to take that chance.