Targeting the Professionals: Marketing Tactics for Gym Owners

Marketing Tactics for Gym Owners The fitness industry is tough to handle, especially with all the gyms sprouting almost everywhere. As a gym owner, it is important to take your business to the next level by employing marketing tactics for professionals. Below are four of the most effective.

Take Advantage of Corporate Membership

Do you know that apart from health buffs, one of the largest markets of gyms are corporations? Take advantage of this by locating large companies nearby and offering a discounted rate for employees that join under a corporate membership plan. Also encourage them to join fitness programs, which they can squeeze between lunch hours with colleagues.

Send Workout Reminders to Clients

People are busy and they often forget about working out. Target old and new members in this tactic by sending them automated reminders via email or text. These personalized reminders will not only make them go to the gym but will also make them feel important. Employ this through a gym management software that you and your staff can easily operate, such as The Studio Director.

Give Out Free Trial Sessions

Competition is tough and you have to lead the pack by giving potential customers a taste of your service. Make your gym their number one choice by giving out free trial sessions. This may seem too much for a freebie but the effort will turn into profit in the long run. By letting them try your establishment for free, you allow them to enjoy your program and make them come back for more – yet this time with a payment.

Extend Your Business Hours

… And let people know about it. Since you are targeting professionals, it is wise to adjust your business hours according to their time. Running a gym from 9am to 6pm leaves no time for clients to exercise as they are probably still in the office. Make your hours more flexible; start early and end late and make sure to announce it in social media. It’s one of the perks they may have overlooked.

A business won’t thrive without good marketing and customer relationship. Make your customers feel important and allow them to enjoy your business by following the gimmicks above.