Standing Steady: Effective Hacks to Avoid Slips and Trips in Workplaces

Man SlippedWe’ve all experienced it before. We were too distracted to mind our surroundings and suddenly, we slipped, tripped, and fell down. While for the most part, these accidents are minor, some instances could be more drastic than we’re accustomed to. Next thing you know, the hospital bills have blown up and the company has gotten a big problem to face.

According to, slips, trips, and falls are no laughing matter. Simple as they may seem, these are actual threats to the safety of every person in a place. As such, it’s important to treat it seriously. Implementing a few practices in the workplace could help greatly, such as the following:

Choose Non-Slip Surfaces

The surface you walk on determines how likely a slip, trip, or fall could happen. As such, it is imperative to reduce slippery or wet surfaces in the workplace as much as you can. One good way of doing so is to choose moisture-absorbent carpets and mats. Adhesive tape can also go a long way in reducing this workplace safety threat.

Improve Housekeeping

Sometimes, all it takes to prevent an accident is to keep the workplace spick-and-span. Of course, the best way to do that is through proper housekeeping, as this goes hand-in-hand with workplace safety. Poor housekeeping habits not only violate legal standards, but also risk the safety of employees by a significant margin. Plan clean-ups ahead of time and implement a comprehensive program on housekeeping.

Organise the Space

Take the time to sort out all the stuff in the space. Make sure all aisles and walkways have little to no clutter. Do not obstruct paths with boxes and crates. Instead, stash these carefully in designated corners. Maintain adequate lighting in the area as well.

Slips, trips, and falls are more common than people think. Fortunately, you can combat the risk of these accidents with these simple methods.