Some Pointers on Shopping for Home Security System

Home Security System in Houston HomeEven if you feel that you are living in one of the safest places in America, you still have to do measures that would ensure home security. But what more if you live in Houston, where property crime rates are high? Locking doors and windows as well as using deterrents may not always give you the protection your family and possessions need. You have to invest in high-end security devices, to say the least.

Advantages of Home Security Systems

Security systems so long they are properly programmed and maintained can do wonders in terms of home security. They have the capability to detect sounds, movement, and even changes in temperature, and attract attention that drives burglars away. Additionally, some types can detect fire, leak problems, and extremely cold temperatures that you can also expect to save 2 to 20 percent in insurance.

Choosing a Home Security System


There are many different types of security systems to choose from. Some are as straightforward as pressure mats which have the capability to detect footsteps, and magnetic contacts for doors and windows, which activate an alarm system when disrupted. More advanced security systems are those that combine several features together, send signals to a monitoring station, and allow remote access to your home.


The cost of home security in the Houston area differs from one provider to the next. According to North Star Home, more advanced systems that require professional installation cost more. Signing up for a central monitoring station from companies such as ADT will add another USD20-50 on your monthly bill. If you wish to incorporate home automation to your security system, then again, this will be an additional cost. Expect to pay anywhere from $5000 to $15,000 for home automation alone.


First off, you should choose the best type of security system according to your home’s needs. Its size, design and access points should be carefully considered. Unless you are knowledgeable when it comes to installation, it is best to get the pros to do the job. Remember that false alarms translate to fees when the authorities come by.

Improve safety by combining several features together. Avoid installing systems the same as in most homes around the neighborhood. Burglars are learning and your house can be a piece of cake for break-ins. Furthermore, security devices are not cheap that you would want to get the best out of what you have if all possible.

As the saying goes “better safe than sorry.” Home safety should never be taken for granted. It always pays to invest in dependable security devices for peace of mind and improved protection.