So You Want to Build a Mobile App: Top Mistakes to Avoid

Developer planning the layout of his mobile appMobile devices and mobility have drastically changed industry standards and consumer behavior so if you want your business to stay competitive; you need a mobile app. However, when planning for your app, you also need to be aware of these common mobile app development blunders to ensure that your prospective clients download and use your app.

Sticking to a Mobile Site and Foregoing an App

Users could access both mobile sites and apps via their mobile devices, but when it comes to choosing which one to build, most companies opt for a mobile site and forego an app altogether. This is a mistake because not all businesses would benefit from a mobile site alone, while not all companies might benefit from a mobile app alone. In short, study your target demographics first and go from there.

Crafting a Mobile UX Similar to Desktop UX

Plenty of companies make their mobile app as similar as possible to their desktop apps or websites. The result is smaller forms of their desktop platforms with the same features and functionality, just on a smaller scale. However, take note that mobile and desktop are two different platforms that require very different user experiences so they must be treated accordingly.

Neglecting User Engagement

Mobile devices, especially apps made to cater to users needs require more personal features and functionality. When a prospective user installs and uses a mobile app, they’re essentially looking to resolve micro-moments such as “I want to know, “I want to purchase”, “I want to do, or “I want to go” moments, explains a full stack developer for mobile at CloudXtension.

Not Having a Mobile App Marketing Strategy

Although users might know about your app via word of mouth, in this digital landscape, you need to have a solid marketing plan for everything. Having a mobile app marketing plan would complement your brand’s offline experience such as special in-store offers, help users connect with your brand, and drive sales.

Expecting High Retention Rates Without Doing Anything

Majority of mobile users download and install mobile apps every single day, but some or most apps end up being abandoned or not even opened. Why? Simply because most users just have poor retention. With this in mind, focus on improving retention via push notifications, in-app messaging, remarketing, and individualization among others.

Put simply, if you’re looking to build a mobile app to drive more revenue for your business, you should understand what your prospective users want and the metrics responsible for mobile app success. And of course, refrain from making the abovementioned mistakes. Lastly, once you launch your app, regularly monitor and evaluate the analytics.