Security for the Young Professional Living Alone

An independent young adult organizing her thingsOne of the most important steps in a young professional’s growth is having their own home. This symbolizes not only freedom and independence, but the ability to rely on one’s own capabilities.

To fully enjoy your own place, here’s a productive advice on the initial things you should have.


A homeowner cannot be without a set of tools for quick fixes and repairs. Your toolbox should contain the basics, such as a hammer and nails, duct tape, electrical tape, and some pliers and wire cutters. An electrical wiring locator may come in handy as well, especially when you’re finding the right areas for different appliances and making sure they are plugged in safely and correctly to avoid starting a fire.

Kitchen utensils

Pots and pans, plates, glasses, and utensils are important. As a young person just starting out, you need to save your money. One way to do that is to learn how to cook your own meals and enjoy them at home. This saves you from having to buy your meals at restaurants and being tempted to join your friends every day at the bar. Get a stove if the apartment doesn’t have one yet. A microwave is good for heating up food, but it’s unhealthy to live on microwavable food from the supermarket.

Bed and bath products

How will you feel independent and capable if all you’ve got is a futon for sitting and sleeping? If you ever come home with somebody special, you have to at least avoid the embarrassment of not having anywhere decent to sit or rest. Get a decent bed, pillows, and linens. For your living room, buy a couch. As for your bathroom, you just need the basics. Shampoo, soap, razor, a shower curtain, and products for cleaning the bathroom.

New locks and security

Keep yourself safe, especially if you’re new to the neighborhood. Change the locks of your new apartment. Install some security cameras. There are some setups you can buy for less on eBay.

Living on your own entails responsibility. It may be tempting to ignore the need to learn these things and just spend every night partying, but if you do choose to learn instead you’ll thank yourself in the future.