Save Money with International SIM Cards

International SIM CardsAre you planning on vacationing in Europe and wondering how people could contact you while you’re there without running up expensive roaming charges? Consider changing your regular SIM card for one that’s specifically developed for international travel. This SIM card, whether you’re in Italy or the South of France, offers affordable text messaging, voice calls, and Internet fees.

Where to Purchase International SIM Cards

While the policies regarding the purchase and sale of SIM cards differ from one country to another, in most countries in Europe, you could purchase a SIM card from mobile phone stores, newsstands, or vending machines. Note, however, that some countries will require you to register the SIM card using your passport or some form of identification the country deems acceptable.

Upon landing in the country of your destination, look for newsstands selling a wide array of SIM cards. This is especially true in the airports and train stations in France. You could choose from various cards, packages, and credits. Another great place to look for a SIM card is carrier-specific stores. However, know that they will probably be restricted to selling their own brand of SIM cards, which means they won’t probably provide the level of objective recommendations you’ll most likely get from unaffiliated stores or newsstands. On one hand, the people there will most likely give you proper attention while giving you options and aid in setting up your mobile phone.

But perhaps, the easiest way to get your hands on an international SIM card is to actually purchase it before you leave for vacation. This way you could set up your phone and see if the card works instead of scrambling to buy a card in another country, hoping that it will work.

Some Vital Things to Keep in Mind

While an international SIM card offers tremendous benefits, it is important to note that people calling or sending text messages to your Australian number won’t be able to reach you because the SIM card will have a different number. An excellent way to remedy this is to simply tell everyone that you’ll be the one texting or calling them once you get your international SIM card.