Satellite Internet is Connecting Worldwide Organizations Once Again

Satellite Internet When the dot com industry imploded, it took away with it some very specific technological trends from the early 2000s. It’s an Atlantis moment for the tech industry, because not a lot people remember it even existed. Satellite Internet was among the enterprises that came down with the tech-originated recession.

Not a lot of people missed it, though. The speeds of the same rival today’s worldwide standard, but the architecture was poor. Signals have to bounce up and down from satellites on Earth to ones in the upper atmosphere, and general service was inadequate. So, it was only marking time before another type of Internet connection offered better return. That was terrestrial DSL and broadband, and given the absence of another competing technology for many years, the former definitely thrived.

Satellite Internet, however, is making a comeback. It’s not ready for widespread residential use just yet, but for businesses, says that a subscription to satellite Internet would result in otherworldly speeds.

All Thanks to Technology

The world may not progress from one piece of technology, but it does a great job of innovating what is already available. Take satellites, for example. The dish Internet was used sparingly before, and connectivity depended on the shaky dotcom industry. It only meant one thing: there weren’t enough investments. If there was anything promising, it disappeared with the crash.

Now, whether through private resources or funding from venture capitalists, the satellite industry is making a comeback. It has even come to a point that international operations can opt for this particular service rather than regular commercial-level connections. This type of strong Internet connection is vital when all parties have to remain in constant contact.

The Speed

The world, or the residential parts of it, have yet to see the public introduction of the 1-Gbps Internet. More than that, most of them may not be able to afford it. For those who need faster connections, satellite Internet is the perfect solution. Furthermore, tier-1 providers are able to provide unrivaled connection and Internet access. In a simple summation, there will be enough bandwidth for everyone to transfer large files, conduct high-quality multimedia IP, and connect to remote sites.

No one can definitely say that satellites are here to stay. But, they are making a statement by providing a much better service than their predecessors.