Quick Guide to Become Successful in SIP Trunk Reselling

Written word SIP abbreviation for Session Initiation Protocol on blue keyboard buttonAre you thinking of venturing in a SIP trunk reselling business? This will serve as your quick guide to become successful at it. Find out why this business is worth a venture and today’s best way to make a living. Here are some tips on how you can resell SIP trunking successfully.

First Things First: What is SIP Trunking?

First, let’s provide a technical definition of it. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking is the process of using a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to manage an enterprise’s private branch exchange (PBX) connection to the Internet.

In a simpler sense, this means that all communications by an enterprise would be done via the Internet. This also means that enterprises won’t need a different medium for each form of communication because voice, video, and data can all be combined through a single SIP trunk line.

Benefits of SIP Trunking

  • It’s a more efficient way to cut overall cost.

Through SIP trunking, voice, video, and data can all be combined and transmitted through a single line. Thus, there will be no need for separate physical equipment for each purpose anymore.

Also, a SIP trunk is a more reliable communication line than other conventional media. Thus, aside from cutting costs, you can also cut the occurrences of communication interference and inefficiencies.

  • It allows both traditional and modern worldwide communication.

SIP trunking allows an enterprise to make and receive local and long-distance calls, gain access to a directory, do e-mail and text messaging, and surf the Web. Also, an SIP trunk line allows you to make 911 emergency calls should the need arise. Thus, it allows both traditional and modern worldwide communication to happen in a single line.

  • SIP trunking eliminates the need for other subscription-based connections.

Since a SIP trunk can transmit and handle any form of communication, it eliminates the need for an enterprise to subscribe to other primary or basic rate interface (PRI/BRI) connections. This allows the enterprise to have a more organized communication system.

How to Resell SIP Trunking Successfully

Since SIP trunking offers the best advantages for enterprises to reduce cost and manage communication systems, they will see the need for it and ask for their own line soon.

However, you have to approach enterprises differently by understanding their needs and objectives. Afterwards, let them also understand how SIP trunking can simplify their business process and help them achieve their goals.

Here are a few tips on how to successfully resell SIP trunking to enterprises:

  • Let them realize how much they can save with a SIP trunk.

With a SIP trunking, an enterprise can say goodbye to ongoing maintenance fees, excess line subscription costs, and other unnecessary expenses on communication and equipment. Thus, they can save a lot on a monthly basis!

  • Let them realize the efficiency and resilience SIP trunking provides.

In the event of communication interference or overwhelming call loads, SIP trunking can reroute or balance them. Also, if an enterprise needs new lines, it would be easy for them as there would be no need to invest in new equipment. Thus, if they decide to eliminate lines in the future, no equipment will ever be put to waste.


With the great benefits SIP trunking provides, it’s a golden opportunity for both enterprises and resellers to do and earn more! Once enterprises recognize these benefits, they would surely look forward to having one.

However, they need aspiring resellers like you to make them realize that. And once you can, you can surely become successful in the field of SIP trunk reselling.