Protect Your Data: 3 Safety Ideas for Businesses

Data BreachIt's easy to get hacked. The kind of data breach you watch on television isn't just for show, it's a reality. When hackers are able to get into anything that sends a signal – be it traffic light or pacemaker – it leaves everyone vulnerable, especially companies that store terabytes of sensitive data about individuals.

When your clients rely on you to protect their information, security should be a priority. Here are some suggestions to up your security today:

1. Make security a priority when looking for tools and platforms. It's natural to choose a product that is packed with features or something that can do one thing really well, but as in the case of insurance companies looking for a software to store sensitive client info, security should take precedence, says an expert from VersiTrax. Look for tools that advertise their vault-like security first, then among them, choose the one that meets your secondary needs.

2. Security should be “top to bottom.” Using secure software is only one aspect of a protected business; the other side would be your company's best practices. Make sure you have standard operating procedures for online security and ensure that every employee at every level knows about and keeps to these rules. Cover everything from small details to network-wide policies.

3. Don't ignore signs and warnings. Your security team (you should have a security team!) shouldn't just collate logs and reports, they should read and analyze them, looking for the tell-tale signs of a possible data breach. The malicious code breaks down your firewall at multiple attempts as hackers learn more about your security to improve their malware. If your team stays on top of these warning signs, they can fortify your security every time.

Over 70% of companies experience successful cyber attacks per year. If you take necessary precautions against it and teach your employees basic preventive measures, your company could stay part of a 30% that successfully protected itself from breaches.