is dedicated in providing our online visitors with the best experience. We want to give our readers a customized and interactive encounter with our site’s content. Our team aims to gain our reader’s trust and confidence by promoting fair use of information and gathered data.

Our privacy policy covers every aspect of Our team is committed to giving our readers the privacy they deserve. As our guarantee to you, we present our information practices and had it reviewed for compliance:


We value our visitor’s privacy. We assure our readers that we do not allow web cookies on our page due to their invasive nature to your privacy.

Use of External Links provides users with external links in case of additional information and to improve customer experience. Our team does not take responsibility for the third party site’s practices and policies on cookies and data collection. Before you submit information on external links, go over the site’s privacy policy for 100% assurance of safety.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

Personal information is the data used to identify or contact an online visitor. only collects a visitor’s personal information when provided voluntarily by the user. All collected information is kept confidential and only used for sending visitors the latest news or updates.

Some functions in our site will request particular information from readers. Our team will get in touch with you in case of further clarification regarding your requests or feedbacks.

Rest assured that all gathered information remains secured with our system. We do not share our user’s personal information to third parties.

Collection of other Information

On some occasions, EUCMS asks users to give related information concerning their site visit. This includes the user’s browsing activities, the domain used, date and time of access and your computer’s IP address.

All gathered information will not identify users personally, promoting anonymity. All data is used for monitoring site traffic, website improvement and identification purposes.