Old McDonald had a Drone

Uses of DroneWhen you think of practical uses of drones, the first few things that immediately crosses your mind are warfare, surveillance, and delivery. These unmanned vehicles have multiple applications and are surprisingly flexible in what they do. Therefore, it may not come as a surprise that some of the best quadcopter drones are also finding use in the farming world.

Sites like sciautonics.com continue to provide relevant information regarding the latest on drone technology. This is further evidence that the technology continues to evolve, from the payload up to power management. Now, the farming industry is set to benefit from drones.

Mapping the fields

Old McDonald may not have to rely on good old intuition to know when the crops are ready for harvesting when he has an eye in the sky. Farmers now have a fancy gizmo that they can use to better map their fields. The best part about it is how accurate it is, as compared to traditional forms of mapping. Even the simplest drones, provided they have a camera, can take thousands of pictures as these fly over farmlands. You can then piece the images together to form a three-dimensional map.

This is useful, especially if you have a larger plot of farmland that you can’t simply map on your own with just a camera. You may even find some interesting places that you normally won’t see from the ground. 

Automatic guidance

One of the most appealing uses of drones in the farming scene is how you can use them as automated guidance systems for your tractors. While it hasn’t been as widespread due to safety concerns, you can technically operate your farm tractors without even driving it. You can do this using a drone, outfitted with a GPS system that steers the tractor in a specific pattern. The way it steers the tractor is also more precise.

While quadcopter usage in farms are still in an experimental stage of development, new advancements are on the way that will make drones even more active in helping around the farm. The future of drones in the farming world is a bright one, and is sure to make life for many farmers easier while also maximizing output.