Marriage Between Your Business & Technology

Business PeopleBusinesses function faster now than they did ten, twenty years ago. Technological advancements that enable faster communications have seen to that. Your business is losing every day if you’re relying solely on the way companies used to get things done. Innovation is limited, management is hard to streamline, expenses are higher, and growth is a lot slower.


To find that sweet spot between spending on growth and saving dollars and time, proposes that your company should marry the technologies that make it run better and faster. Business leaders and thinkers have championed business and tech convergence for decades, but as both sectors have grown at a much more rapid pace through the years this idea will always be one of the primary topics in the industry.


But what if you’re already in the business of helping clients deploy their technological improvements and updates? What if you’ve had success in doing this in your client’s place of business? It might be tempting to say you’ll do fine even if they need newer updates, but what if your client grows and now intends to open multi-location branches? Worse, what if you have signed a contract with a brand new client that wants the same thing?

This is a perfect example of when you need to know your technology. Multi-site technology rollouts are far from the single site implementations you know so well. From implementing a pilot program for testing and “rehearsal” to the development of a post-installation platform, new knowledge is needed, and only years of experience (and convergence) will help you succeed.


Multi-site deployment is only an example of how things are shaping up these days, when technology is anything but lenient. You may think you can do this convergence thing on your own, with a ragtag team of “techies” you only pulled out from several of your departments. Caution will serve you well here, but only as well as the company you hire. You need professionals to help wed your business with your technology, and this is not a time to procrastinate.