Managing Hazardous Spills Properly Using the Right Spill Kit

Hazardous Spills in South AsiaSpills can happen in almost any scenario in business and industry. Some spills are harmless and easily contained, while others need more special treatment. Laws are in place to make sure of the proper handling of any type of spill by the people in charge. That includes having the right spill kit on hand. 

There are many types of spill kits, depending on the nature of the material. Here are some general guidelines from Brady South Asia.

Basic Kit Contents

A spill kit will always have a supply of absorbent pads or material and personal protective equipment. This includes gloves, facemasks, shields, and rubber boots. In some cases, it may include breathing apparatus. Some kits may also have neutralizing agents in case of acids and alkalis.  You can get these together yourself, but there are also ready-to-use spill kits you can buy from reliable sources. The kits are part of the laws for workplace safety.

Absorbent Materials

In many cases, you need more than a couple of rags to handle a spill, although these are always handy to have around, especially a “sausage” or boom to keep spills from getting away from you. Some spills require special substances. These include:

  • Vermiculite – absorbs 10 times its weight of non-oil based liquids; reusable
  • Attapulgite (kitty litter)  –  absorbs oil-based liquids; appropriate for outdoor use Neutralizers
  • Acids and alkali substances need deactivation before mopping them up safely. Many kits contain one or more of the following neutralizers:
  • Baking powder (sodium bicarbonate) – for acids
  • Nanoparticle-sized metallic oxides – for acids and alkalis
  • Soda ash (Sodium carbonate anhydrous) – for acids
  • Bleach (Sodium hypochlorite) – for blood, urine, and other biological materials

Many of the materials in a spill kit are readily available individually, but it may be more practical to get them as a kit. You are sure that they are specific to your industry, and up to standards.