Learn How to Easily Migrate to a Cloud-Based Project Management System

Cloud-based ProjectMigration to the cloud can easily prove to be among the most stress-inducing implementations that an organization can undertake. For one, a lot of stakeholders are involved. It is a big project that is typically done only once, so you can’t build experience doing it over time. While many possible issues can be foreseen ahead of time, there are also some that are only understood once they manifest during the migration phase.

Following are some tips that can help ensure success in your efforts to migrate to a cloud-based project management system.

Understand Your Particular Situation

Having a solid grasp of your present project management system is a good first step to ensuring a successful migration, Loadspring.com reminds. This will allow you to prepare a detailed project management plan that includes a full testing plan. You can perform an advanced test migration to help you discover issues that are not previously considered, then have your migration team plan for them.

Continuous communication among all stakeholders is important, particularly during the actual migration phase when many critical systems that are used in daily operations experience some downtime.

Have Sufficient Staff

The migration team must be properly and sufficiently staffed with the right experience and skill levels in relation to the applications and project scope involved. There must be key user stakeholders in all the areas affected.

Determine the Scope

Successful cloud migration requires having the project scope defined at the onset. Make sure to have a clear understanding of the timeline and cost involved. Clean-up of existing systems must not be done simultaneously to the migration.

Schedule Properly

Schedule all migration-related events properly so all parties involved can appreciate the full extent of the project. Have a contingency plan in place in case something does not go according to plan.

Migration to a cloud-based project management system may not be easy. However, with proper planning and by following the tips given in this post, the entire process may be completed in a systematic and relatively easy manner.