Keeping Your Employees Inspired is Part of Your Job

Group Of EmployeesFor most people with a nine-to-five job, a deadline is inspiration enough. After some time, however, the quality of their work begins to suffer. For those who need creativity to perform their jobs—artists, graphic designers, architects, actors, even CAD operators and writers—the story is remarkably different. It is not easy to force yourself to do these jobs without inspiration. Or at the very least, inspired work is largely better than the opposite.

Inspire & Engage at Work

Often, it is enough to be inspiring and engaging at work. If your employees buy into the vision you have set your company's sights on, and you make them feel they are valued, their input is necessary and they are not dispensable in the pursuit of that vision, you may be on to something.

Reward & Punishment

There will come a time when an employee makes a mistake that affects your company. How you react to this mistake will spell the future out for everyone, particularly the employee in question.

How are you going to inspire confidence if you do not allow mistakes? What matters is how the company responds, what solutions are valuable at this point and how you'll make them happen as a team. Do not embarrass your people in front of others.

You can be stern, but you can't be a bully. Be reasonable and look at the big picture.

Work Environment

Sometimes, the environment—literally—is what spells the difference between success and failure for employees. Many employees perform better when they are away from the usual distractions. And almost everyone is better at what they're doing when they are close to nature.

Think about this when you build your business or when you have to relocate. An office away from the city rush and noise may be what your people need if they value that silence and closeness to nature to concentrate. This is perfectly doable, as many modern offices have shown. says you can get satellite bandwidth for your Internet connection to ensure it is reliable and fast, no matter how far you are from the city. Stock up on break room food and the office supplies you need so your employees don't have to worry about anything. Many modern offices even include nap and massage rooms in their lay-out.

Keeping your employees inspired, you might argue, is no longer your job. But it is. They are less likely to fall into that trap of mediocrity or to start thinking about moving to another job if they feel inspired.