Is Your Radar Gun Invisible to Detectors?

a radar gunFor nearly five decades now, the police have been using radar guns in facilitating law enforcement and detecting the velocity of cars, balls, and other objects. Over time, manufacturers have improved these devices to include GPS technology, Bluetooth compatibility, and smartphone integration with a simple yet economical design.

Some drivers have begun using similar devices to detect radar guns. They drive within the stipulated speed limits in areas where local authorities have placed radars to avoid speeding tickets. As a law enforcement officer, you can ask your manufacturer to customize the features of your radar guns to enhance portability and invisibility.

Pulsed Radars

This feature is common among radars with frequencies within the K-band. Initially, you could only use these radars to measure the distance to a stationary object. Later, with pulsed versions, you could use these radars from moving positions, such that you now can measure the relative speed between your moving car and that of an over-speeding vehicle.

Ka-Band Radars

Most manufacturers use Ka-band frequencies to make radar guns for law enforcement. They also integrated the photo-cop to add a camera to the radar guns that they manufactured, which only turned on when a car approached. You can make the sensitivity low to reduce the effective distance that a detector can detect the radar gun.

As traffic police, you understand how many drivers can be cunning; some use detectors to identify radars along the road so that they slow down to avoid speed-driving offenses. You can have your radar gun come with improved features that will make it invisible to these radar detectors. You also can engage an experienced manufacturer to enhance its efficiency and usability.