Is SEO Too Unpredictable?

Online marketing resultsIf there’s one thing that causes business owners to hesitate when making an investment, it’s uncertainty. This is definitely relevant for SEO as well; no reputable agency will ever guarantee that they can give you the #1 ranking for certain keywords. They can give you estimates or projections, but no more.

Because of this, some companies hesitate to invest too much in online marketing. SEO is a long term project that takes time, effort, and a lot of skill. Google changes its algorithm regularly, so what works today may no longer be effective tomorrow, says an expert from How can you be sure that it will pay off?

Despite these uncertainties, search engine optimization in Minnesota is a thriving industry. Brands of all sizes have seen impressive business growth after optimizing their websites for the search engines. They’ve huge, targeted, and sustainable increase in organic traffic – at a fraction of what a PPC campaign or other advertising method would have cost to deliver the same result.

Why SEO isn’t Actually that Fickle

It might seem at first like there are too many unknown variables in SEO, but the truth is that experts have already figured out the most important aspects of it. Google themselves have made it very clear what guidelines webmasters and agencies should follow.

So while no one can say with 100% certainty how a website will perform in the rankings, you can still make reasonable assumptions and predictions. As long as you have a competent digital marketing agency on your side, it’s easy to get great results from your SEO campaign.

The key is to manage the few biggest and crucial factors, while not worrying about those that can’t be predicted or controlled.

1. Rich content – Does your website have unique, helpful, and high-quality content?

2. On page optimization – Are your titles, meta tags, and other on page elements in order?

3. A healthy backlink profile – Do you have plenty of good backlinks pointing towards your site?

4. Good website performance – Is your website mobile friendly? Does it load fast?

If the basics have been taken care of, you’ve got nothing to worry about. You might not be able to get first place, but you’ll definitely leave most of your other competitors in the dust.