How to Successfully Implement Construction Estimator Software

Construction Businesses Forward-thinking construction businesses realize the value of using construction estimator software. Gone are the days of manually calculating costs for all sorts of construction work, except perhaps for only the smallest jobs.

These days, your business is seriously lacking if you have not yet invested in estimating software, which can help you automate certain parts of your operation and streamline entire processes. Ultimately, a good piece of software should be able to increase efficiency and productivity among your workers.

Unfortunately, many businesses fail to take full advantage of estimating software because they don’t know how to successfully implement it. You may have purchased the best software in the world, but if your team isn’t well equipped to use it, it’s useless.

Here is what you can do to ensure the successful implementation of any new estimating software:

  1. Know your “why.”

Having a good business case for acquiring new software makes it clear to you and your team what end goals you are trying to achieve. You should be able to state the clear benefits and return of investment of using this software.

  1. Identify the stakeholders.

Ultimately, the people involved and their needs will determine what software to implement and how to implement it. Identify a key executive who’s willing to back you up, a project manager to head the implementation process, and the end users.

  1. Prepare your team.

Educate your team members about the goal of using new software and provide technical training for all end users. Similarly, prepare the data to be entered into the database before configuring the estimating software to include the features you need.

  1. Monitor endlessly.

After kickoff, meet with the end users and ask for feedback about the software. For the first few weeks, provide ongoing technical support to help them navigate the ins and outs of the new system. Lastly, be open to tweaking the software configuration as your team adjusts to it at first.

Remember, buying construction estimating software is more than just buying a computer application. It’s more about choosing a software vendor who’s going to be your business partner as long as you’re using their software.