Gaming Devices That Made History

Gaming DevicesGame changers. Whatever it is that’s made a huge impact on a field or at a certain time, that’s what you would call them. In the gaming industry, the devices are the game changers. They take fun and entertainment to new heights, delighting generations of players.

As a gaming systems company, INTECQ LIMITED knows some of the most-loved devices in the recent decades. Going back in time can show you how these gaming tools made history.

Pinball and Gaming Machines

Pinball machines have their roots from the parlour bagatelle table, patented in the early 1870’s. The earliest version of the actual machine was introduced more than 60 years after, in 1932. Players of all ages take to the art, technology, and sportsmanship the device promotes. But, for a time, it has been banned in the United States, its country of origin, because of safety concerns.

Gaming machines have been around since the early 1900’s. To this day, they are still a hit with arcade, casino, and pub goers.

Space and Arcade Games

Japanese companies such as Atari and Taito released the earliest space games in the 1980’s. Played in arcades, they paved the way for the first versions of simulation games and consoles. When video games became increasingly popular in the 1990’s, their sales fell. But, the release of Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution in 1999 gave them a new lease on life.

Gaming Consoles

Sony and Nintendo are the makers of some of the most iconic game characters. As video games took the world by storm, gaming devices became closer to homes, literally, as they came in the form of consoles and portable players.

In the past decade, Sony’s PlayStation and Nintendo’s Wii and DS were the highest-selling gaming devices. Last year, the latest version of the PlayStation was the top gaming console.

Mobile and Virtual Reality

With the rise of smartphones comes the rise of mobile games. As they take over the mobile market, game developers shift the focus from consoles to phones, designing interfaces that suit the platform. The games with the most downloads in recent years are the ones for mobile.

Moving forward, tech enthusiasts say that the future of gaming may be virtual reality devices. Google and Facebook have begun investing on them in the past two years, and if predictions hold true, this will take the gaming experience to a whole new level.

These are the game-changing devices that changed and will continue to change the industry. Because of them, the game continues to change for gaming.