Four of the World’s Biggest Music Festivals

Music FestivalsMusic festivals have been the most notable events to sweep the world of live entertainment in recent years. Current multi-day, multi-artist, multi-brand, single location concerts owe much of their popularity to the millennial generation, attending the events in droves and providing free, uninterrupted press through social media.

Professionals from Phonophobia ltd say that much like every other product or activity, with popularity comes competition. They say that though music festivals have shown their capability of claiming the land for days on end, it shows that geography is a minor hindrance for the people truly intent on listening to the year’s curated line-up of musical performers.

The following are four of the world’s most popular music festivals:

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

Since the late 90s, the Coachella Valley has served as the venue for one of America’s most important live music events. Artists range from mainstream music headliners to up-and-coming indie acts. The Coachella festival brings an increasingly staggering amount of attention and business to the Colorado Desert in Indio, California, and it is showing no signs of slowing down.


At one point or another, any electronic dance music (EDM) fan pines about attending the world’s most spectacular EDM festival. For three days mid-year at the heart of Boom, Belgium, the Tomorrowland music festival brings the top EDM talents together for a single event, as people ardently participate in bringing the small Belgian town’s name full circle.


After touring more than 32 countries in the past, the Sensation music festival claimed Tokyo and Dubai as its hosts for 2015. Considered as the world’s leading dance event, festivalgoers, who now range in the millions, eagerly anticipate the nights of music and dancing to transpire on the two edges of the continent.

The Stereosonic Festival

This annual music festival held during the months of November and December in Australia is famous for sharing local talent to the country/continent’s major cities. Unfortunately, Stereosonic fans would have to seek their music festival fix elsewhere, as the event takes a hiatus in 2016.

These four music festivals are the frontline of bringing this fresh form of live entertainment to critical mass. Countless smaller events present themselves on an increasingly consistent basis, and in a few years, one would not be amiss to think that festivals will serve as the definitive destination for live music.