For Starters: What You Need to Know About Product Marketing

Product MarketingWhen it comes to marketing, you should not adopt a cookie-cutter approach. Understand that it’s a broad discipline; as such, you need to divide your marketing efforts between promoting your brand and promoting your products. More often than not, it’s hard to balance things out, especially if you are a new business offering new products. Cases like these will make it hard for you to set priorities.

Product marketing, however, is just as important as branding. How your products are perceived will speak a lot about your business. Below are some essentials that should be included in your list.

What’s the Voice of the Brand

Marketing your products should be, first and foremost, consistent with the voice of the brand. Is your brand fun? If it is, make sure that the voice will be easy to understand and full of energy. The packaging should also fall within the branding guidelines, from colors to typography.

Know Your Product’s Applications

You can promote your products more easily if you know their strengths and you know how to close certain loopholes. Highlight these pluses and promote them one at a time. You may initiate brand and product activations (sampling and testing) in your chosen locales and ask the potential customers how they’re going to use your products. Use the insights you’ll get from them to advertise your offerings.

Mind the Price

The product price is one of the determining factors of your product’s marketability, says an expert from PriceManager. If it’s more expensive than it should be, your customers will surely not buy it. It should not be too cheap, either. Otherwise, your brand will be associated with poor quality. Make sure that the price is justified by the processes behind the product. Lastly, don’t forget the existing regulations on pricing, such as the MAP Policy.

Marketing your product won’t only help increase your sales; if it’s done properly, your business will surely have a strong brand recognition. If you have some qualms and doubts about your current system, you may work with a product manager or an advertising agency.