Fire Prevention at Home: Why Technology and Diligence Must Go Together

Fireman with fire backgroundThe US fire department responds to a home fire every 86 seconds. Because of the potentially massive dollar losses, homeowners make sure they have solutions in place to prevent fires from happening.

One solution cited by Certified Fire Protection, a fire alarm monitoring and security system company in Utah, is the installation of fire alarm systems. Past incidences have proven that fire alarms reduce by half the risk of death due to home fires. Although innovative technologies may significantly prevent fires, building conscientiousness helps as well. Companies and people can implement efficient plans and become more conscious of safety practices.

Tailor-Fit Plans

When it comes to securing the home or workplace from fire, the market is not lacking in options. However, the best benefit comes from a tailor-made fire prevention system. When companies carefully create a plan that addresses the unique needs of the household or organization, there is a better chance of avoiding undesirable incidents. For example, it would make everyone feel more secure when you install sensors and alarms in strategic places around the property or building.

Taking Extra Care

In 2016, the US recorded about 364,000 home fires. Cooking was the primary cause, and the main factor was unattended cooking. While some of these cooking-related fires were not avoidable, most had something to do with negligence. Thus, fire experts are quick to remind people that technology will not achieve that much if residents are not mindful of their responsibilities.

While people must learn to accept that accidents are unintended and that they may occur even with the most well-meaning of gestures, being complacent doesn’t lessen the chance of a fire occurring. No one must wait for a tragic experience to happen before he or she takes extra care.