Event Planner Tips – What You Should Know

Event planner talking to her clientAs an event planner, you’ll need more than just charm and people skills to close the deal. Here are some of the things you should definitely have on the tips of your fingers if you want to be in this business:

Light Facilities

Lighting products are terribly expensive – which is why it’s important to have a hiring company you can contact at anytime. Lighting equipment for hire from providers like Phonophobia ltd lets you spend only the amount you need for a particular event. This also allows more flexibility, depending on the kind of event you’re planning. From weddings to concerts – the right light can definitely help set the mood in any event.

Pictures or It Didn’t Happen

Always remember the value of pictures, especially in today’s current culture. You’d want to make sure that there’s a professional photographer in the area who can take LOTS of pictures and make these pictures available to the guests. Have formal pictures and less formal ones to commemorate the event.

Timely Coordination

Coordinate everything so that none of the pictures are ruined. Some portions of a program are once-in-a-lifetime, like the bride walking to the groom. Hence, you’d want to make sure your crew is coordinated, so this perfect moment is not ruined.

Consider the Parking

This is something many people often forget about – but remember that most guests will come with their very own car. If possible, ask the neighbouring buildings if they can lend their parking space for the event.

Build Your Connections Bit by Bit

As you immerse yourself in event planning, you’d want to evaluate each provider and see if they work well within your goals. Feel free to make changes or switch suppliers if they’re not giving you the results you want. Be proactive, however – always take the time to ask to find out whether they’re capable of giving you what you ask for.

Want to be successful as an event planner? Cultivate the above connections, and you should quickly gain an excellent reputation.