Essential Tools for Capturing Ideas Wherever You Are

Voice RecorderAs any creative professional would attest, brilliant ideas come when least you expect them. You have to capture them as soon as they occur to you, otherwise, they will fly away forever. This is why writers, musicians, designers, and other individuals working in creative fields have their own ways of capturing or recording ideas on the fly.

If you often struggle with remembering ideas for your work, IT Factory shares some ways that you might want to use to record them.

Pen and paper

Writing things down is the oldest and simplest way to capture ideas. With a pen and paper, you get a certain level of engagement and immediacy that modern tools cannot deliver. Writing by hand can also help with your thought process since the act itself allows you to concentrate deeper on what you are putting on paper.

Voice recorder

Have you ever been hit by an idea while driving on the highway or taking a shower? If a creative thought suddenly occurs to you and you happen to be in a place or situation wherein writing is not possible, then you better hope that you have a digital voice recorder with you. To avoid losing a bright idea permanently, be sure to always carry one around, be it in your pocket or anywhere accessible, such as your car’s glove compartment.

Idea recorder phone app

Modern technology has made it possible for mobile phones to do just about anything and this includes recording sounds. In addition to the built-in recording tool on your phone, you may also use any good voice recording app that is available for download. You have a wide range of choices since many of these apps are free.

Taking hold of creative ideas wherever you are, or whatever you are doing, can be tricky. But as long as you have the right tools, you are well-equipped to capture and then access them in your own time.