EMR Systems Lead to Better Health Care Services

EMR SystemThe days of health practitioners rifling through a folder to find information about the medical history of a patient are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Healthcare providers in nearly all health systems depend on electronic medical records to give the patients and medical team access to the same data. EMRs make it easier to check test results, track medical care, schedule appointments and access all health information. Failure to adopt electronic medical records by health care providers puts them at a risk of losing federal funds.

Patients Appreciate Online Access

Embracing health information technology is critical in cementing the national efforts to reform health care. These systems are improving the healthcare sector and more consumers are interested in accessing their medical records online. A third of patients whose medical practitioners have no online medical access prefer switching to a doctor who does, a nationwide survey by the National Partnership reveals.

More reasons EMR systems at Raintree Systems are becoming popular include:

Enhanced communication: You can access a patient’s medical records from any digital device: tablet, computer, smartphone. This makes it easy to follow up medical care by either the patient or doctor. The electronic health records also facilitate communication between the patients, family members, and the healthcare team.

Reduced health care costs: Health information technology reduces health care costs by avoiding the duplication of medical tests that cost an arm and a leg. The health care team can also access a patient’s medical record in real time to determine the medical procedures that have been carried out on the patient.

Improved safety: EMR systems eliminate medical errors caused by illegible handwriting. The system also alerts when a particular medication is likely to interact with another drug the patient is taking and cause harmful reactions.

Tremendous changes are taking over the health information technology industry. These changes, partly prompted by the federal laws which govern the use of EMRs, are pulling together efforts to design effective ways to improve in offering and delivering healthcare.