Why Buy a Down Draft Table and Other Woodworking Tools

Other Woodworking ToolsWorking with wood is one of the most satisfying ways to get started as a DIYer. You do not really need anything special to get started. A piece of scrap wood and a knife is enough to whittle something you can show off. 

If you are thinking of taking your woodworking forward, though, you need to get some basic tools together for your work area; one such example is a down draft table like that of dualdraw.com. You do not have to get them all in one go. Gather your tools a bit at a time until you have what you need, and canvass each one as you go to get the best ones you can afford.

Here are a few tools you absolutely need to have if you are serious about working with wood.


There are quite a few available, and you do not need one of everything. Invest in a good carpenter hammer, the one with a flat end and a curved end for driving in nails.  You might also want one with claws if you plan to work with nails a lot. Hammers are an important tool, used for driving in nails and chiseling to knocking joints together.


The next thing you need is a set of chisels. It is used to chop, pare, and carve. You should have at least four types of standard bench chisels: ¼”, ½”, ¾”, and 1 inch. Have them sharpened right after purchase, and keep the edges sharp at all times. Do not use them to open cans of paint.

Hand Plane and Saw

No woodworking kit is complete without a hand plane or saw, even if you have a machine that does the work. While you can certainly use a machine, it is better to use a hand plane or saw to avoid choking on sawdust, even if you have a down draft table.  A low-angle block hand plane is good to start with, and it needs to regular sharpening, including right after purchase. Get a combination rip and crosscut  saw, or get one of each.

Aside from woodworking tools, you should also have a measuring tape or ruler, pencils, and markers. Once you have these basic tools, you can start doing some great stuff. You can get started with these DIY projects before dreaming up your own.