Building an Outdoor Kitchen with an Electric Grill

Outdoor Kitchen with an Electric GrillOne of the simple joys of life is sitting on a lounge chair out back, watching the sunset with a cold one in hand, and waiting for the steak on the grill to be ready. This activity is enjoyed by families around the world; its appeal is universal.

For some, nothing beats the product of red-hot charcoal. For others, it’s firewood. There are some considerations when you’re using either, however, such as your neighbors. Some areas do not allow charcoal or firewood because of the excessive smoke and the mess that follows. Unless you live in an area or a country that doesn’t mind this leisurely cooking, or you’re barbecuing your catch in the woods, you’re better off using a proper stove.

There are grills that use gas and there are those that run on electricity. Here’s an advice if you would like to install one of these bad boys in an outdoor kitchen.

Know the Law

Although gas and electric grills are safer and less messy and produce less smoke, there may be zoning laws in your area preventing you from installing either. Before buying a grill, find out from your local government if this is permitted where you live. No sense in wasting money on a beautiful grill you can’t even use.

Know the Wind Direction

Two things: you don’t want the smoke wafting into your house, and you don’t want it entering your nearest neighbor’s home, either. So before building the kitchen, find out where the wind is more likely to blow.

Know the View

That being said, if you want to enjoy the view while you’re enjoying your barbecue, consider where the outdoor kitchen will best give you a good view of the beauty of your surroundings.

Know the Wiring

Is it going to be easy installing the wire for your electric grill, fans, lights, stereo, and other appliances you might want there? Buy a live circuit tracer to find out what lines can power your new outdoor kitchen. Just to be safe, ask an electrician to help you work on it. No sense in overloading an outlet and losing power in the middle of a party or dinner date with the significant other.

Know the Grill

Some grills are better than others. Before buying yours, check out the reviews on different online platforms specializing in what you’re looking for. The size and energy use, plus the ease of use, should be your priorities.

Having an outdoor grill is one way to reward yourself for all your hard work. At the end of the day, the view outdoors and the smell of barbecue plus the cold, relaxing flavor of suds or spirits are just unbeatable.