Are Flight Simulations as Good as the Real Thing?

Flight SimulationFlight simulation has increasingly become an important component of flight training. Depending on the program or module, students get to immerse in simulations for real-world flight training.

What Happens in Flight Simulations

To get the best training experience, you should find a simulation program that faithfully recreates the many eventualities a pilot may face while flying different aircraft models in various environments. NASA, one of the forefronts of aeronautics and space science, stresses the important role aircraft simulation plays in control training.

Simulator aircraft should resemble the ones students will fly in real life. They don’t necessarily have to be the same model but should have at least the same characteristics. The instructor will then provide flank controls, including a joystick, throttle, and headphones with a microphone, and specially engineered for flight simulation.

Individual software add-ons and tools will make the experience as realistic as possible. For example, an IR reflector hat will translate the movement of the pilot’s head into the simulation, which eliminates the need to press buttons to look around, making the experience more visually realistic.

Add-ons and Features

There are also tricks, like a multi-crew experience, to help students learn how to do air traffic control. Another revolutionary feature is the integration of GPS satellite navigator panels to let students practice GPS navigation and locating real-world airports. The GPS screen that appears on the simulation presents real-life and real-time data. This add-on gives the pilot the same software that runs in real planes.

Flight simulations have made remarkable strides in recent years, thanks to cutting-edge software and hardware. Thanks to these features, simulations are nearly as good as the real deal. FBO companies that have flight training components claim that simulation has a real impact on aviation safety. It adds a lot of value to flight instruction and saves flight schools a lot of money, too.

Many professional pilots have also claimed that flight simulatio games have helped them prepare for the rigors of flight school. More importantly, the many advancements in simulator technology now enable airlines to avoid the inherent risks of dangerous training maneuvers.