An Unlikely Relationship: Civil Engineers and Architects

Estimation Software in BrendaleCivil engineering and architecture are two professions that come to mind when a certain entrepreneur or company wants to begin a construction project. Both disciplines operate together and rely on each other to properly accomplish their duties. Those two occupations are alike for they are a part of the preparation and development of structures. Nevertheless, both have to concentrate on various priorities and outlooks.

Defining the Profession

Civil engineering is a discipline that focuses on the structural factors included in the design and development of infrastructure projects. They prioritise the feasibility of the project, the durability of materials used and most of all, safety. They typically use a civil engineering estimating software to ease their duties.

Meanwhile, an architect concentrates on the spatial functionality elements and aesthetics involved in the development and design of the project. They manage the functionality, creativity, feel and look of the structures.

A Functional Relationship

Civil engineers and architects work side by side in planning a construction project. The architect handles the design, as well as, improves the interior and exterior appearance of the building. They formulate the design that must include land utilisation, dwelling space, room and facility arrangement, lighting and ventilation.

On the other hand, the civil engineer manages the physics involved and ensures that the aesthetic materials the architects chose are stable and safe. They uphold work quality, supervise construction and look for the contractor who will execute the design. They are in charge of forming the design for the roof, slab, beams, columns, foundation and to calculate the load of construction work.

A structure would not be visually pleasing and strong without the unlikely relationship and combined skills of civil engineers and architects. The coordination and communication between these two professions ensure that safety and quality of the construction work they are doing.