5 Indirect SEO Benefits of Guest Posting

SEO Firm in BrisbaneWhile two years back guest posting was the best way to increase your site’s ranking, a lot of people missed the opportunity by using sites to do spammy things. This decreased the overall SEO value guest posting provided. What contributed to this was the way website owners were going about it.

There was a misconception that getting many different domains would get you a top spot in SERPs.  However, most people used domains that were not even relevant and this led to Google penalising sites. Fortunately, all is not lost.

Bambrickmedia.com.au explains some indirect SEO benefits of guest posting.


Guest posting is a great way to improve your page rank and Alexa ranking. Getting a quality backlink from a top page ranked blog could significantly boost your ranking. Additionally, there are online blogs that give dofollow links.

Search Engine Visibility

Participating in other blogs makes your site visible to search engines. You can either guest write or comment on blogs relevant to what you do. This is an easy way to get quality backlinks indirectly. Once your blog is visible, this translates to traffic.

Build Relationships

Guest writing gives you a platform to build relationships with different bloggers and visitors. Establishing a relationship with these site owners help you develop great communication skills. Furthermore, a good relationship makes it easier to get published.

Gain Traffic

Traffic is what increases or decreases your site’s rank. Getting traffic from high-quality blogs means that Google gets your site on the first page of SERPs. Additionally, you get a boost in social media platforms.

Freely Advertise

Advertising on other sites means that you have to part with some money. Guest posting gives you an opportunity to market your blog online for free.

Link building may not provide you all the SEO benefits but it’s a great way to increase your visibility online. Consult a search engine optimisation company to get your site on the first page of search engine results.