5 Creative Ways to Use NFC Technology at Home

person using phone for paymentNear field communication (NFC) is a wireless mode of communication between two electronic devices that are close to each other, usually 4 centimetres apart. The NFC technology has mostly been used for mobile payments and creative marketing. However, this has since changed as most mobile devices are NFC-supported. With the proliferation of smart devices and easy accessibility of the technology given that you can buy NFC products online, there are endless ways to use it at home.

Once you get your desired set of tags, here are different ways you can program them for use at home:

  1. Set your alarm

Do you experience hard times getting out of bed or have an irresistible urge to snooze your alarm? If you do, NFC tags are the solution. The system uses NFC captchas and you to put off the alarm, you have to prove that you are awake by solving the puzzles. Placing the device away from your bed forces you to wake up.

  1. Give access to Wi-Fi networks

It is not easy giving up your password when you have guests at home since walls may be listening too. Using insta-wifi helps you to program the tag to allow NFC-enabled devices to access your Wi-Fi instantly by tapping on the device.

  1. Use it to set timers

For some activities like baking, timing is vital. Placing tags near the oven allows you to start the timer on your smartphone by tapping it. This way, you can undertake other tasks with ease without having to check the time every so often.

  1. Minimise Distractions

Distractions at night affect the quality of sleep. You can place a tag near your phone dock on the bedside table and program it to eliminate distractions. Set it to disable sounds, activate alarms, decrease brightness, deactivate auto-sync and disabling notifications.

NFC tags make automation easy. Once you program them to undertake desired tasks, you are good to go. Utilise them in the ways discussed above to make things easier and for the fun of it too.