3 Most Powerful Traffic-Generating Visuals You Should Post on Facebook

Facebook Marketing 101Considering the dizzying amount of content posted on Facebook every minute, competing for customer attention can be tricky. You need to capitalize on thought-provoking pieces to catch the eye and compel users to react. Without sharing such information, your posts would be nothing but clutter cramping everyone’s news feeds.

This is why visuals are so effective in social media marketing. Visual-heavy pieces are arresting and digestible to today’s users with shrinking attention span. Most people these days would choose to consume information with less effort otherwise they have to read for minutes.

With the influence of social signals on search engine optimization, Minnesota's PR Caffeine says, visual content can easily take your digital marketing to new heights.

In a fast-paced landscape, these three types of visual content can make your brand get noticed and generate plenty of traffic for your other online real estate:


One of the better ways to inform these days is to use infographics. They provide a unique learning experience, which lets you send your message across in ways you never thought possible.

Graphic art, knowledge, and text are three essential ingredients that make infographics highly valuable. Working with a skilled and creative designer lets you produce these captivating images.


The element of humor makes memes a winner. Social media users love to laugh at jokes, which can help establish a positive relationship with customers. A clever and easily relatable meme can quickly go viral, which can be instrumental in collecting leads.

The best thing about memes is they don’t only require graphic design skills to create them. Many sites provide programs to generate memes or edit popular ones. The real challenge lies in the creativity behind the creation.

YouTube Videos

Even if many video-sharing sites are now picking up steam, it’s still reasonable to favor the platform Google owns: YouTube. After all, this video site is responsible for tallying mammoth web traffic from around the world — 20% of views from the U.S.-based users.

This platform allows you to distribute your video to a comprehensive list of channels with ease to reach a wider audience. Most importantly, YouTube content ranks high on Google results all the time.

Harnessing the power of visuals can put your brand ahead of the curve on Facebook, as well as other digital channels. In an age when people’s attention span gets shorter, use the right type of content to give your audience something to chew on.